Salary management
1.BH salary standard is higher than the bearing industry and plant region, attracting and keeping cow personnel and key personnel work in company, maintain BH’s talent competitiveness in this industry and market.
2.Salary mode: position performance, technology performance, sales performance, Production piecework, by building reasonable salary structure, motivating employees working initiatives, then improve work performance and work efficiency.
3.Personnel with project is negotiable, BH can provide innovation funds to start business, also BH advocating employees’ internal innovation.

Welfare Management
1.Social insurance: in one month, BH will handle social insurance according to nation and local policy for a regular employee. If any employee unwilling to social insurance, he need submit written application by himself.
2.Longevity pay:Every employee work in BH for one year can reword longevity pay every month.
3.Working lunch: company canteen provide self-help working lunch to employees 
4.Housing: provide free dormitory, or renting a house external after approved, and will gain house allowance. 
5.Physical examination: regular employees have free physical examination once every two years.
6.Spring Festival fare allowance: according to different regions, regular employees have different fare allowance.
7.Annual paid vacation: according to "Workers paid annual leave regulations" policy, carry out on the basis of company production and managing situation. 

Labor Contract
New employee need sign 3 to 5 years Labor Contract, and probation period is 1 to 3 months. Special position’s probation period can negotiate.
BH Club
BH Club has basketball court, badminton court, ping-pong, billiards, library, cybercafé and fitness equipment. 

Every month will held multiform literary and artistic activity to enrich employee cultural life.