BH Bearing has equipped over 600 sets of advanced production facilities, including automatic grinding line, automatic assembly line, etc, established completed system of quantitative analysis, experiment and test, been qualified as the Second level measurement units of Zhejiang Province. BH Bearing has employed Cold Rings Rolling, Nitriding of Cage and other advanced process and technology, which enables BH the production capacity of 150 million sets of small and medium-sized bearings annually.
Main Process
Cold Rings Rolling: That makes metal of workpiece streamlined, density increased, lifetime extended by 2~5 times. 
Also it is material saving and energy saving

Heat treatment of bearing ring:
Quenching and tempering with controlled atmosphere, continuous production line with mesh belt has been applied, following the standard of:
a. AIAG CQI-9 Special Process: Heat Treat System Assessment

b. Ford Control of Heat Treating Processes and Auxiliary Equipment

and passed the heat treatment audit by Denso, Thyssen Krupp, etc.

Grinding of bearing ring:
Automatic detection outside machine, automatic on-line SPC monitoring, on-line error-proofing, automatic on-line alarm has been applied.
Bearing assembly:
Full automatic bearing assembly line, on-line error-proofing, automatic on-line SPC monitoring, on-line vibration and abnormal sound detection, on-line weighing and greasing has been applied.
Bearing inspection:
BH Bearing has equipped over 1000 sets of domestic first-class inspection facilities for ball bearing in working field, covering from raw material to end product, provide inspection and analysis for all the processes in bearing manufacturing and all the project for bearing products.