BH Bearing has set up R&D center with professional personnel, which has been granted as Provincial R&D Center by Department of Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province. According to the quality policy of High quality, Good service, Zero defect, Continual improvement, BH R&D center strictly follows ISO 16949  to conduct the advance planning of new products, the analysis of potential failure mode and effect and the formulation of quality assurance system. There are hundreds of new products for customers developed by BH R&D center every year, and most of them reached provincial level or above. Since its inception, BH R&D center has engaged in many National, provincial and municipal Science and technology Planed Projects and Technology Innovation Projectsled and participated in the formulation and revision of bearing products standard and 8 bearing-related national standard, 6 Industry standard, there are 8 products included in the National Torch Program, 2 products granted as National key new products so far

Development history: 

March, 2000, BH R&D center was set up.

October, 2001, BH R&D center was included in the provincial R & D center construction plan by Department of Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province, plan No.: 011118707.

July, 2004, BH R&D center passed the inspection of Department of Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province.

July, 2008, BH R&D center was qualified as provincial enterprise R & D center by Economic and Trade Commission of Zhejiang Province.

December, 2009, BH R&D center was awarded as Outstanding Enterprise Technology Center of Zhejiang Province by Economic and Trade Commission of Zhejiang Province and Finance Department of Zhejiang Provinceand passed the inspection every two years.

August, 2016, innovation capability construction project of BH R&D center was accepted by Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Commission.

Detection and test: 

1. Metrology lab has equipped with dozens of precise measuring apparatus, which can provide precise detection and analysis for the size, roughness, shape, outline, spatial location of bearing and its accessory.

2. Physical& chemical lab has more than 10 equipments for material measurement and analysis, can detect the material component, chemical and physical property of bearing and its accessory.

3. Testing lab has more than 30 testing machines for bearing life and performance, most of them are developed by BH Bearing independently according to the actually working condition, can provide simulated test for bearing life, noise, dust proof, waterproof, grease leakage, temperature rise, high (low) temperature resistance, etc. There are many test engineers who are qualified to design the testing plan according to customer's requirement.